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How do I find examples of validated food frequency questionnaires used in various studies?

I am working on a project that requires me to compile examples of food frequency questionnaires used to evaluate diets (at baseline and throughout) of women undergoing plant-based dietary intervention. I have no problem finding papers of the studies and results of their questionnaires, but I want to find the actual validated quesitonnaires themselves, but am having no luck...Any ideas?
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Dr. Day has co-authored a book chapter in a nutrition book that lists food questionnaires. I can't remember the title right now but I will try to find it.

There is a way to search forequesting aires on PsycINFO.  This isn't perfect but it will get you started. Just copy and paste this into the PsycInfo test box:

(food* adj3 frequenc*).ti,ab,id. and (exp test construction/ or exp measurement/ or "22".cc. or ((testing or test or questionnaire* or instrument* or survey* or measurement* or assessment* or scale or scales) and (validation or validity or reliability or internal consistency or psychometric*)).ti,ab,id.)

To get to PsycINFO:

Click on P and scroll down. 

I just gave it a try and got 82 articles.


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