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Can you please guide me with the literature review for a course, I'm unable to find relevant articles. I need to find literature review for

Can you please guide me with the literature review for a course, I'm unable to find relevant articles. I need to find literature review for Non-compliance in obesity interventions targeting adolescents. The following points will help in elaborating it: 1. Why non-compliance exists? 2. Provide evidence based recommendations on how to close the gap. 3. How other organizations have improved adherence? Please help me get some relevant information for this assignment, since I'm unable to find relevant information. Thank you for your help in this matter. Regards, Ritu
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Here is a search you can try in Ovid Medline.  To access it, go to the library home page and click on the drop down list of databases in the moddle of the page.  Select Ovid Medline 1996 to present. Copy each line (without the line number) and past into the search text box.  Hit enter after each time.

1.    obesity/ or obesity, morbid/ or pediatric obesity/ or overweight/
2.    (obese or obesity or overweight).ti,ab,kw.
3.    1 or 2
4.   (adolescen* or teen* or youth).ti,ab,kw.
5.   Adolescent Behavior/ or Adolescent/ or Adolescent Medicine/
6.   4 or 5
7.   3 and 6
8.   patient compliance/ or patient dropouts/ or treatment refusal/
9.   (adherence or nonadherence or compliance or comply or noncompliance).ti,ab,kw.
10.  8 or 9
11.   7 and 10
12.   limit 11 to english language
13.   (((comprehensive* or integrative or systematic*) adj3 (bibliographic* or review* or literature)) or (meta-analy* or metaanaly* or "research synthesis" or ((information or data) adj3 synthesis) or (data adj2 extract*))).ti,ab. or (cinahl or (cochrane adj3 trial*) or embase or medline or psyclit or (psycinfo not "psycinfo database") or pubmed or scopus or "sociological abstracts" or "web of science").ab. or ("cochrane database of systematic reviews" or evidence report technology assessment or evidence report technology assessment summary).jn. or Evidence Report: Technology Assessment*.jn. or ((review adj5 (rationale or evidence)).ti,ab. and or meta-analysis as topic/ or
14.   12 and 13
NOTE:  look at the article by Skelton from 2014.  It should be around number 8 in the list.
15.  12 not 14
16.   ((("semi-structured" or semistructured or unstructured or informal or "in-depth" or indepth or "face-to-face" or structured or guide) adj3 (interview* or discussion* or questionnaire*)) or (focus group* or qualitative or ethnograph* or fieldwork or "field work" or "key informant")).ti,ab. or interviews as topic/ or focus groups/ or narration/ or qualitative research/
17.    Intervention Studies/ or evaluation studies/ or evaluation studies as topic/ or program evaluation/ or validation studies as topic/ or ((pre- adj5 post-) or (pretest adj5 posttest) or (program* adj6 evaluat*)).ti,ab. or (effectiveness or intervention).ti,ab.
18.   health promotion/ or weight reduction programs/ or attitude to health/ or health knowledge, attitudes, practice/
19.   16 or 17 or 18
20.   15 and 19
The last cluster is around 330 items.
Let me know how this works for you.
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